Reptelligence is improving the captive care and management of reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrates and other non mammal non bird organisms, through: Training, Low Stress Handling, Enrichment, Habitat Design, Cognition Research, Education and Peer Discussion and Learning Groups.


Reptelligence will be a world leading catalyst for promoting low stress handling, husbandry, veterinary care, and housing for reptiles living in human care, with a focus on the use of behavioral and environmental enrichment and training through positive reinforcement.


Reptelligence was founded by Carrie Davis and Alex Konold in 2012. They bring a combined thirty years of experience in research, education, animal husbandry, exhibit design, animal training, behavior modification and zookeeping from working with such organizations as San Diego Zoo Global, Petsmart, Helen Woodward Animal Center, Biola University, Riverside County Office of Education and multiple private non profit organizations, rescues and humane societies. 



Carrie Davis

Director of Behavior and Education

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Peter Amelia

Director of Training and Media

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